Hydrovac Excavation

What is Hydro Excavation?

Hydrovac excavation refers to the process where soil is removed or displaced from one area to another by the use of pressurized water and a vacuum truck or vac truck. This involves the use of a large vac truck that uses suction to manage and holds debris in tanks. This method of digging is especially efficient where traditional mechanical excavation methods feasible. With Canada’s cold weather – warm water can easily push through the iced soil. Traditional mechanical excavation methods such as mechanical can be impeded with icy conditions, making hydrovac solutions useful for a large amount of applications.

What are the Advantages?

Traditional mechanical excavation using heavy machinery such as an excavator poses several safety risks. One such risk is the need for manual labor when operating such excavators. Not only this, but there can be extra costs associated with more laborers. Alternatively, hydro excavation reduces these risks and saves costs. The non-mechanical nature of the hydro excavation process reduces the number of laborers ( in most cases), reduces traffic onsite, provides accuracy when digging an area and reduced the chance of cracking below ground utilities such as pipes.

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