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Trenching with a Hydrovac Truck

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When it comes to trenching or slot trenching of any kind, using hydrovac excavation can be the cost effective solution.  Hydrovac Hamilton can help you with trenching or slot trenching. Trenching means the process by which soil is removed from an area in order to create a trench. This trench may be used for a variety or purposes such as fiber optic installation or installation of utilities. Conventional excavation utilizes a mechanical approach but may be cumbersome and less accurate than using hydrovac excavation. There are many key advantages of use water when digging a trench:

1. Accuracy of the trench: pressurized water can precision removal soil and create a desired trench
2. Reduced risk of damaging existing utilities or pipes when digging a trench
3. Less manual labor

We have all been there; you want to dig a trench and save some money by doing it by hand. A hydrovac truck can make this process simple and easy. Furthermore, hydrovac can get the job done safely. Other examples of how trenching can be made easier using hydrovac excavation would be when installing underground electrical in confined spaces. Existing structures may prevent large backhoes from accessing the area. A vac truck can has range with its hose to reach areas that would be difficult with other equipment. Give Hydrovac Hamilton a call.


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